Lynne has been so helpful for me. We did a combination of talk therapy
and energy work to help me work out stress and anxiety over my relationship with my daughter. The work has been truly healing and liberating. I have also participated in several workshops with Lynne where I have learned a daily energy medicine routine and the Emotional Freedom Technique. These practical and easy tools have allowed me to keep myself energized and heal myself both physically and emotionally. Lynne is a gifted healer. She would say  she facilitates you healing yourself. Both are true. I highly recommend working with Lynne.


I have been seeing Lynne for about a year, and we do a
combination of talking and energy work. She is very easy to talk to,
something which isn’t so easy for me to do. I never would have thought that
it would help me so much. Her energy work is extraordinary because her
energy is so extraordinary. It has helped me a lot, particularly a technique
called the Emotional Code. Lynne has helped me to heal more than anyone or anything else.


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how important your professional services are for our family.  The balanced connection I now enjoy between my spiritual self, my general health and my physical well being can be directly attributable to your energy healing practice. Our famy would also attest to the same.  I have more energy and I am netters focused at work and home.  We love all that you do for us.  In gratitude and friendship