Energy Medicine:

As taught by Donna Eden, Energy Medicine utilizes the body’s natural healing abilities by stimulating, thumping or massaging specific acupoints on the body to create balance.

This empowering modality allows my clients to learn how to heal themselves. Our energy creates health or illness depending our ability to detect imbalances in the body. As a practitioner, we can evaluate where these imbalances occur and begin to balance those energy systems to allow us to feel optimal health and joy.


Energy Psychology:

Energy Psychology also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, Thought Field Therapy and an array of other names, deals with the subtle energy of the body. This technique is based on acupuncture which sees energy as a blueprint, the invisible foundation of the health of your body. Our bodies are composed of energy pathways such as meridians that have a dynamic relationship with the cells of our bodies. This effects the organs, as well as the motions of our experience. If there is an interruption or an imbalance in these pathways we can become symptomatic both physically and emotionally. Simply by stimulating acupressure points which are more receptive than other points on your body we can begin to shift the energies around the imbalances creating a healthier connection.

By bringing up an old emotion or response to a memory and then tapping on a sequence of acupressure points which hold electromagnetic signals, the old story in our Amygdala gets replaced by an experience that produces less arousal. This technique has been beneficial for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression, physical illnesses and a host of other emotions.


As described by the Parnell Institute where I was trained, EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a powerful and effective therapy for the treatment of Trauma. EMDR therapy incorporates bilateral stimulation into a comprehensive approach to release information trapped in the mind and body, freeing people from disturbing images, body sensations, debilitating emotions and restrictive beliefs to help clients recover from trauma including accidents, war, abuse, assaults and childhood trauma. In addition EMDR is also used to treat psychological effects of smaller traumas such as depression, anxiety, phobias, low self esteem and relationship difficulties. EMDR is a quantum leap in the human ability to heal trauma and maladaptive beliefs.